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We help you create, market,   & manage your NFT projects. 

   Begin Creating an Additional Revenue Stream

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We can help you with everything from NFT design/creation, minting processes, token development, and more.



We help you market your collection through social media, content strategy, Discord, & more.

We can help you build, design, & develop your website in preparation for the minting process.




Need help with your road map and long term goals? We can help brainstorm and prep for launch.

Do you need help managing your current or upcoming project? We assign you your own project manager.

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Development Services


NFT Project Creation & Development: We can help you with the artwork and designs needed for your collection. You provide us with your ideas and we bring them to life.



NFT Minting: Not only do we help you with the minting process, but we also teach you how it actually works.


Token Development: We can help you develop an exclusive cryptocurrency for stake holder voting and more. 


NFT Project Website: Do you need help creating a website? We can help provide you with website development and design services for minting.


Brand Creation: Do you need help creating your brand? We can help from start to finish.


Graphic Design and Video: We can provide you with graphic design work, videos, and animations. 


 Marketing Services 


 NFT Marketing Services 

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We help build up your Discord group to create brand awareness and community

  Discord Creation

Digital Marketing

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We create/grow your social media accounts and provide giveaway opportunities

Social Media Marketing

Consultation Services

Meet with an NFT expert one on one to help build a long term plan for your collection
We can help provide you with press opportunities and digital advertisement spaces 
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We will help you work with influencers & creators to promote your collection
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We help you manage your project & even take you with us every step of the way

Influencer Marketing

Project Management

Influencer Marketing

Project Management

Public Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an NFT 

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. You can think of an NFT as a unique token that is typically linked to digital and even physical content. This content can range anywhere from images, videos, and songs. 

Am I required to use all of the services?

No. The best part is you can pick and choose the services you need. We work with you to create the perfect proposal to build success. 

I already have my own NFT collection, can you help with marketing?

Yes. If you have a collection already, we offer different marketing packages for you to choose from. You can also add any creative services you still need!

Can you help create a custom plan to launch my collection?

We offer different consultation services to help you visualize your long term goals. We meet with you one on one to build out your roadmap. 

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The NFT Management Group was created on January 25th, 2022. Our hope is to educate others looking to learn more about the NFT space. We recognize how many people are interested in getting involved, but are unsure where to start.

We have helped clients learn how to make an NFT, manage their collection, and even learn about them. We offer everything from NFT marketing service to consulting. 


The NFT Management Group seeks to integrate NFTs into daily business operations. Our goal is to help create, market, and manage NFT projects, while educating companies on the digital trend. We are looking to help individuals and business digitalize their services. 


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